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BeautifulCottages and its sister organisations LateComers and AdvanceBooking have been formed by and on behalf of Independent Cottage and private house owners who offer premium accommodation to discerning members of the public. BeautifulCottages wishes to remain close to its roots and is run on cooperative lines. At the present time the original members are paying all the costs, whilst the intention was for all the owners to at least share publicity, hence we are introducing a new tariff.  

BeautifulCottages helps the public book accommodation either in advance or at the last minute (there is a special listing which gives latest availability). As an owner this should help you top up your existing bookings with the minimum of effort. LateComers was formed in 1998 and now covers the main holiday areas in England Scotland and Wales, with some properties in Europe, we have recently launched BeautifulCottages because of the growing demand for top quality properties. We are delighted to welcome more owners whose properties match our criteria. To do so you will need to Register which entails sending us a brief description of your property and what it has to offer. Good photographs are esential, a picture is worth a 1000 words........etc and we expect that most owners will have their own website or be listed elsewhere. We will provide you with a link to your own site and list your email address.
You will be invited to and may if you wish add the details of your entry to our provisional database pending approval and receipt of your listing fee. This is not essential and we can do this for you. However once the entry has been uploaded you may edit the entry yourself.

The site is capable of being continuously updated as and when you want, this means that if you have a "sticky" week you can promote it with a special price, and you can do this yourself.
Look for the edit icon Click on this icon to edit your site

Our current tariff for this season (special rates apply outside Europe) is 60 per annum although there is a special concessionary price of 35 per entry at the present time. This discounted price is only available if payment is made within 21 days of your first entry, thereafter a payment of an additional 5 per month will be paid for each month or part of a month until full payment is received. An automatic email is sent confirming the agreement between you and Latecomers and setting out the terms of payment when the entry is first made and thereafter whenever it is modified ( but no charge is currently made for changes to your site). No further invoice will be sent unless specifically requested by email or in writing.

How do I add an entry for my property?

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Cottage owners come and join us, send us your details and add your URL
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